by Leo Sky

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Debut EP


released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Leo Sky Baltimore, Maryland

The name is Leo and I make music.

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Track Name: Intro
Fellow brothers and sisters, we have been graced with a blessing today.
Look upon the art and see for yourself.
The eye
We shall spend today's session listening upon the Day Walker and rejoicing in his message.
Track Name: So
Grim compound you sold your home
You walk this gravel holy road
Expect for me to save your soul
When I can't even hold my own
Because the cult lives up in my city
Mind moves same function you drinking that 50
Can't trust them cause they always so shifty
Praising the sun has never been pretty
Blue and red overload
Watch his niggas through
Showing like a villian when we make our appearance known
Fuck money diamond women
And your self esteem
Couple K's on his block he ruling with the dragon beam
Niggas don't know we
The throne me a homie
Rumbling through the pockets
No fucks like Kony
White sheets see your grandma in that white peach
Don't touch the punch until the hour fucking clocks three
Aphrodisiac the shack in the back to make sure they swallow all of that
If I can fuck a angel in a succubi
My dick would no longer need an option Y
I can smell a virgin in this thin air (oh yeah)
Mandigos showed no fear
Beat the fucking pussy like healthcare her skin fair

Gasoline to hydroplane
I take cocaine to fuck your brain
My outer demons can't be saved
So hit the ground or feel his pain

Emotions run high in my city
Everybody run around thinking they thrifty
Can't perceive love because that part of me missing
My psychologist canceled all of my visits
Suicide was my only way
Niggas still hating me on Saturday
They say I need to calm down to a better place
Suck a dick and why don't you flash
your fucking tits
Chilling at the schools passing all these drugs to kids
Passion is the vice that I layed up on the mic
To make sure the visions of the future are right
Glass sword for the demon scorn
Souls in strength of course
I am undead
Place them breast upon my head
You come around see that I'm happy clown
You better leave that's just the mask fucking blabbing now
My own Niggas signed me up for counseling
All because I showed up naked for the cover spin
Woop de do
Since the age of 5
I was born to die
Fuck my living life
I am on this ride
To my inner guys
I hold this knife
I kill them motherfuckers
So I can thrive

Gasoline to hydroplane
I take cocaine to fuck your brain
My outer demons can't be saved
So hit the ground or feel his pain
Track Name: Dracula
He sold me and Handsome
To this Sultan we looking like ransom
Fuck your tribute
Your knowledge I dance them
One day I'll rule this world slam them
I'm not your urban myth kiddie
I'm full of piss
My anger can't be restrained
By these gods of his
I'm killing all this boyars
Because look at my country
Internal war has ravaged my country and
Economy piss poor
Defenses no more
My power will sustain when I kill more
Evil dies in my fiery pit
This is my land I shall never quit
Sultan sends tax envoys to me
Yada Yada Yada
Knights kill this men please
In fact let's hang them high
All across the forest line
2000 corpses impaled
For their holy eyes
Ottoman run
Oh you should run
Because my kill count I do it for fun
There's a village in the distance rocking OT
Come now men let's show them OG
Oh gees
Villagers plead on their knees
Mister Vlad Impaler will you spare us please
Mothers eat their children
I cut off wifes breast
Feed it to their husbands
Impale all the rest

I am the Vlad Impaler
I will make history
I am the Vlad Impaler
I am the Draculs seed
I am the Vlad Impaler
I am the torture king
I am the Vlad Impaler
I'll kill your family

I dine in my forest and
Dipping my bread in the blood of the forest head
Impalment takes a couple days
They screaming because they in pain
I broke the peace when I flamed all those peasants ah
I'm a true monster for my war state
Now me and Handsome fighting
For war sake
No puppets on my throne
You think you can challenge me?
Night time approaches
Let's see if you can handle me
Charged with treason
When I came to Corvinus
He spent all the gold help fund the shit
Pope put his faith in me
Tactics slew his enemies
Finally died from the Ottoman energy
I'm now immortalized
Look at my hypnotic eyes
I'm stalking all these women to give them a wooden prize
Dracula is my name
Vampires are my gang
It seems that my sadistic ways
Are still the same

I am the Vlad Impaler
I will make history
I am the Vlad Impaler
I am the Draculs seed
I am the Vlad Impaler
I am the torture king
I am the Vlad Impaler
I'll kill your family
Track Name: Ascend
Follow me down this dark long path
All we do is volt out trash
I started a crew
I white balled that
Ever since my life's gone flat
Tell me
Are you afraid of death?
Embrace the embrace of your
Kins men in the back
Cherry picked blood
We will share it within the pack
Reading all the Scriptures
Holy Ghost coming back
I am the messager
Watch sun kill the moon
I am the prophet
Watch me arise from tombs
Your family means nothing
If they don't believe in you
Community pride is what we see in you

This is what the people want
A nigga in white sheets
Speaking in the name
Of the father almighty
Come now children
We aren't villains
We are saviors
This worlds feelings
We will make them see to me
Share the wealth
To them not we
For our minds
Have grown
More strong
With the violence
Siege the home

Leo Sky, by order from Governor Johnathan Bishop III you and your men are sentenced to death for your crimes against humanity. You will be shot in front of a firing squad then dragged to the town sqaure. Where you and your men will be hung for all of the public to see. Neither you or your men will serve any sentence. The lot of you shall be executed in the morning and put on display to serve as a warning to everything else in your community.
The lot of you are being charge with murder, rape, and genocide. The whole lot of you make me sick and I hope your souls burn in hell for the rest of eternity. You are scum that plague this world. Nothing more nothing less.

Bye my friend
And don't you see
This here not my time
With me
I shall go
And I won't cry
Thank you for my extra life
I don't know
If I shall be
A bigger part of histroy
My faith here
It will not die
For I see
Your twinkle eye
I won't run
Let them see
What they have
Done to we
Was all to see
But they
Choose to shoot at thee
For the things
We gave
They brand
Us names
Now do you truly see
Of different beings
Track Name: Sacrifice
All they want to see is sacrifice
Strip the goat naked
All they want from him is after life Because I don't rap about the shit that you rap about
I'm immediately gashed in the word of mouth
Money, women, gold
Mainstream flow
Haven not a sky unless Le in her fold
Nigga I don't give a shit
Fuck them foes
Meet me at the burning though
Well see if this cross can withstand a human load

Dip the dot
Circle for another clock
His psyche not a gimmick for all them to study opt
Out of the bigger chore
Leave that task for four
Future loaded songs
No meeting with a bigger force
Fuckin a&rs crossed up to a higher den
Constantly searching all they do is message him
Glock 9
Aim it for the top shrine
On my time
Monthly dose of iron in one supplement I

Haven't changed at all
World deserves a fireball
I'm busy triple sixing my thoughts into a fucking wall
If I am the goat
What does that make all of yall
Nuns bow to my dick and suck the heavens off
This my chore your human nature I adore
Slit my blood in the gauntlet for you to score
She comes for the offering
My seed is like the flu tonight
Bring all her friends her shit is on some extra tight

Suicide let me die my fire high
Life ain't fucking worth it if I got to go through this lie
Rip it run force shit
Collage with the play list
9 mm aimed right for my brainless
Optional here we go
Time to talk to doctor bro
Medication every hour
Chicken noodle for the soul
Because that roscoe happen to look like a Ak
I have to spend every day confined to a light space
Track Name: Qutex
I'm a psychotic but you know that
Paranoid hold gats
My feelings I haven't seen them since my soul snapped
Why do I need emotions
Attached to fucking you
As far as love go
My brain is never in the mood
I'm sickly leopard print skinly
Pityriasis cracked my mind so quickly
I'm Damper Dan
Drinking all in Japan
Sex I haven't seen since I closed off my heart again
Look into my void less eyes
Pain and sadness is on his mind
Don't talk my life because it's a crime
Did so much shit I should have died
If you want to know me
First understand this homie
Light is born from dark
7 sins is from homies
Old beef need to eat that shit real moldy
Move on nigga hit the gravel real hungry
Oh no
Go home
I'm trying to be better then what I am right now
But it seems my life just won't slow down
One day I'll revert back to the old child
Feels like I'm going to explode anytime now

Just leave me the fuck alone
My nigga
Just leave the fuck alone
Don't push the issue and get your dome chromed
Just leave me the fuck alone

I'm a dragon in heat
If you didn't know I'm beast
Nigga I flamed that piece
No I need
More harder fuck the drugs
Consume couple pills
She like more harder fuck the gloves
I'm digging up presidents
To see me a resident
Money rule a lot when you trying to do better then
Went from hooligan
To a man of sin
Now I'm taking shits bigger then elephants
I wish a nigga would
Not G but I'll stab him til he good
Moved around much can't claim a hood
From the gutter but momma threw him in the woods
At a early age
I knew I would attack on this fucking page
All the weird shit I do was to hide his rage
Now he got imaginaries
Talking that very scary
13 slit his wrist to drift on some other shit

So what you want your life and
Contemplate this nice air
I don't give a fuck about my life but I'm alright man
All long as my family don't suffer through the night and
I'll keep walking the path to the light and
One day I'll be proud of myself and
Open heart is want I tried from the start then
Now I'm the master
Call me the pastor
It's time for Sho'nuff to spread his disater
I'm K I'm Sky I multiple
Our life is pain we won't just die
Don't won't your pharmacy no more high
I peach the true with hazel eyes
I look to them for no surprise
I stay one step in front their lies
I contradict our own damn mind
Because we really do enjoy our lives
Track Name: Outro
Calm yourselves
Calm yourselves brothers and sisters. We may never know were he disappeared too, but the Walker is not dead. I was at that hanging mentioned in his words, 4 years ago and that was the last time I saw him, but he did not die that day. Where ever he is, at least we know his state of mind.